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Web Design, Web Programming, Google Map Recording, Accounting Programs, E-Invoice, Cafe Automation, Income and Expenditure Table (Web Based), Corporate Web Design, E-Commerce Web Design (Online), Software Development, Software Repair and Software Maintenance services we provide.

Social Media Expert & Web Designer

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  • Country : TR - Turkey
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We provide advertising spaces for Corporate Website and Micro Small Business. We provide web based Income Statement service for micro small businesses.

  • If you have a clothing store, we provide official and corporate designed E-Commerce website service for your online sales.
  • If you have a website, do you want it to be improved? Don't bother and Mahsun Altun - Software & Digital Solutions Medja Agency is for you! Whatever you want, Mahsun Altun is coding!
  • If your company's accounts are mixed and you have missing accounts at the end of the month, the solution is in E-Logo! In E-Logo Accounting programs, we store the invoicing transactions with the E-government module in the program you purchased and in the SQL (Database) we have set up specially for you. In case of your computer technical break, we reload your old information. In addition, E-Logo in Stock Tracking!
  • We code and develop your personal Web page the way you want!
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    What matters to me is how satisfied my customer is with me. I always try to provide the best service. The list below is the services i have done so far.


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    I had a great interest in the digital world since my childhood. Ever since I accessed the Internet, I have always tried to improve myself in this great world and have turned this experience into a business to benefit people.






    +90 542 281 9973

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